Study Human Psychology to Help You Navigate Treacherous Situations


You’re in a bug out situation. This is the time to be street smart about people – especially if you’ve always been the type of person who easily trusts others. When everything around you is in chaos, you can forget trust.

Nobody is on their best behavior – especially unsavory individuals. In fact, these people are going to be the first to loot, the first to steal from others, and the first to make a bad situation worse.

You’d be well served to have a basic knowledge of human psychology so that you’ll be able to deal with these kinds of people. Understanding body language may be of prime importance. The  body language a person exhibits can tell you up front the type of person you’re dealing with.

People who are out to do you harm have a way of projecting that intent. How are they dressed? Believe it or not, what someone is wearing can give you a clue into their nature and intents.

Someone who isn’t dressed for survival can be a desperate person. You run into someone who isn’t dressed warm enough or just generally doesn’t look dressed for the situation, then this person is unprepared and should be viewed with caution.

If they didn’t prepare their clothes, they probably didn’t prepare their supplies, either. Posture can be a clue to intent. People whose body is tensed or aggressive are showing signs that they have adrenaline running on high.

If they are about to make a move, they may be jittery or showing nervousness. This could also be a sign of some type of addiction – and people who are addicted to substances can be unpredictable.

Pay attention to a persons hands and arms. Arm position can signal that someone is belligerent or angry. Look out for people who approach who keep their hands hidden. They could be holding a weapon.

You also want to pay careful attention to a persons facial expression. An expression can give you a lot of insight into human psychology. Anger is a noticeable expression. An emotionless expression is also telltale.

Both can be equally dangerous. One shows as someone who flies off the handle and the other as someone who may have sociopathic tendencies. Trust your gut instinct when it comes to treacherous situations.

Trust your intuition to read a person quickly. If your gut tells you that you’re in danger, you probably are – and you should be prepared to defend yourself. Studying human psychology can help you understand what others are prepared to do in desperate situations. Be prepared and you’ll be able to handle the situation, if and when the time comes.

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