TACT Bivvy Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag Review

As a prepper, it’s important to know the difference between a normal item and an emergency one. In another review, we showed you that if you’re bugging out in the wilderness, having a Coleman tent would be very useful. However, that tent despite being fantastic, is not an emergency item.

The Survival Shack, however, is an emergency item. If you’re very cold and about to experience hypothermia, this emergency tent will keep you warm and protect you. It may not be as fancy as the Sundome tent, but in an emergency, it will keep you warm and snug.

In the same vein, when it comes to sleeping bags, the TACT Bivvy Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag by Survival Frog will keep you warm by retaining your body heat. Casualties during a natural disaster may be suffering from shock. Lying down in an emergency sleeping bag will make them feel better.

Unlike a normal sleeping bag which is nice and comfy, the TACT Bivvy is not that comfortable… but it doesn’t need to be. It’s good enough for you to lie in and it will warm you up during an emergency, and that’s what you really need.
Constructed with a thermal reactive material known as HeatEcho, this very lightweight sleeping bag weighs only 4.8 ounces. You can easily roll it up and stuff it in your bug-out bag. It barely takes up space and weighs very little.

Despite it’s thin, lightweight nature, the TACT Bivvy sleeping bag is very durable and tear-resistant. The icing on the cake is that it’s waterproof and windproof. So, you’ll be dry and warm even in cold climates. The seams are reinforced to prevent the cold weather from creeping into the bag.

While you should always keep a couple of mylar blankets in your bug-out bag, during an emergency, it’s much easier to quickly slip into this emergency sleeping bag. Time is of the essence when you’re freezing your butt off. Nobody has time to unwrap blankets. Just slide into the sleeping bag and thaw yourself.
The product has a 6-month guarantee for you to try it out. If you’re not satisfied, you can always return it and get a refund. Survival Frog is an established name in the survival industry and they’re willing to make this a risk-free purchase for you. That probably means the product is excellent and they know that you’ll be very satisfied with it.

As a prepper, sometimes it may feel like there’s just so many items that you need to get. It can even be intimidating. Thankfully, this emergency sleeping bag is very affordable.

You do not need to buy a ton of them. All these emergency items like mylar blankets, emergency tents, emergency sleeping bags, etc. are one-time purchases that last for years. Get them once and you’ll have peace of mind that should you need them, they’re there for you.

If there’s a massive flood and the power to your house goes out during the cold season, and your child is feeling very cold, the TACT Bivvy sleeping bag will warm them up.

You may have never expected this event, but it can happen… and if you have the emergency sleeping bag, you’ll be ready for it. That’s how disaster preparedness works.