SWAT Tactical Pen Review

The hard truth is that a tactical pen is only as good as the person using it. This is a self-defense tool that can be deadly in the right hands… and give you a fighting chance even if you’re not trained in any form of self-defense.

You may be wondering, “Can’t I just use a normal pen or pencil?”
The answer is no… you can’t. Normal pens will break and they’re not hard enough to do much damage. When it comes to tactical pens, one of the best is the SWAT Tactical Pen.

With hundreds of mostly positive reviews from satisfied customers and a high rating on Amazon, this is social proof that the product works. It’s important to know the specifications of the pen and why it’s designed the way it is.

The best feature of the pen is the impact tip. This tip is constructed with an armor-piercing material that’s known as tungsten carbide. So, what do you need an impact tip for?

If you’re in a self-defense situation and someone is attacking you, holding the pen in a reverse grip and backhanding the tip against their temple or face can do immense damage and bring the attack to an immediate halt.

Another situation could be that you’re trapped in a building with an armed gunman. The best way to save yourself is to escape. Very often, you may have to use the window. If it’s locked, you can smash the entire window just by hitting the impact tip of the pen against it.
The same applies if you’re in a car that lands into a river with you trapped inside it. One smash with the pen and your window or windscreen will break. It’s that powerful.

The SWAT pen is the number #1 rated tactical pen by close-quarter combat trainers. Of course, if you have a good empty hand system, the pen will be even more effective for you.
The thumb grip of the pen is stable which allows a strong grip and maximum force. The aluminum shaft is anti-rust and will last a long time.

All that said, this pen actually writes. How cool! Here’s a point to note – do not get a tactical pen for it’s extra features and writing capabilities. A tactical pen is for self-defense. Period.
That’s what you should use it for. There are many fancy tactical pens out there with a wide range of features that distract from the most important purpose of the pen – to save your life and do maximum damage. Very often, the fancy pens fall short in this area.

The SWAT pen is relatively lightweight despite it’s rigid construction. Another interesting point to note is that the cap doesn’t need to be unscrewed if you need to use it to write. You can just take off the cap and pop it on the other side.

As far as writing goes, this pen is as good as any and writes smoothly in dark black ink. The pen will not leak, and you can always get refills from the manufacturer. The appearance of the pen betrays its nature.

This pen looks badass, and not like your usual pen. It’s definitely a cool item to have. The good news is that this product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with it, you can always get your money back… but we’re betting that once you see how cool it is, you’ll probably order another to keep in your bug-out bag too.