Safe-T-Proof Solar, Hand-Crank Emergency Radio Review

Most preppers and survivalists will appreciate the nature of objects that can be powered by hand cranking or recharged with solar power. Things can get very unpredictable during a disaster.

Usually, power lines are damaged and power shortages occur. If you have access to batteries, that’s good… but in the event you don’t have batteries with you, it’s best to have a device that can be charged just by placing it in the sun or by cranking it with your hand.

Having a flashlight that uses solar power or hand cranking is an excellent idea because if the power goes out, your light goes out too.
Another very important item that every prepper should own is an AM/FM radio. The hand-crank emergency radio by Safe-T Proof is an excellent product with a high rating and hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon.

If a hurricane is approaching, having a radio will keep you updated on the latest news. You’ll know if roads are blocked due to fallen trees. If there’s an evacuation center, you’ll be informed of the route, etc.
Even in a war zone, having a radio will keep you apprised of progress by the troops and the current state of things. Radios are much more useful than TVs in a survival situation. If you’re bugging out in the wild, you will not be able to lug your 42-inch plasma TV to the campsite… but you can bring a radio.

The Safe-T-Proof hand-crank radio weighs about 10.9 ounces and compact in size (3.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches). This product was made for the survivalist. It’s light enough to place in your bug-out bag, and you can always have one in your car too.

The construction is sturdy, and the product is made of durable material. Of course, the biggest benefit of this emergency radio is that you’ll not need batteries to power it. Radios can use up batteries fast. In a survival situation, getting extra batteries may not be possible.

Besides being a radio, this product has many other features such as a flashlight, blinker, siren… and can even be used to charge your cell phone. A very versatile product.

When you purchase this product, it’s best to test it out and familiarize yourself with it because it doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The manufacturers probably thought it was so easy to use that it didn’t need one.

To a certain extent, that is true… but it’s best to know how to use it instead of fumbling with it in the dark when there’s a power failure.
On a final note, while products such as the Safe-T-Proof Emergency Radio and the MECO Hand Cranking Flashlight are great products to have on hand, it’s imperative that you also store batteries for times of emergency.

The solar powered devices are best kept for when you have no batteries and your resources are almost tapped out. While hand cranking and solar power will give you some light and power a radio, we must be practical here. Batteries work best.
Yet, you still need products that can function without having to use external batteries. So, do consider adding these products to your disaster preparedness list, if you wish to be prepared for all exigencies.