Mountain House Pouch Kits Review

Storing food rations for a ‘rainy day’ is probably one of biggest chores that most preppers face. Not only do you need to rotate the food and keep track of expiration dates, but you need to find food items that will last.

Storing vegetables and fresh meat in the refrigerator is short-sighted because if there’s a power outage during a crisis, the food in the fridge is going to rot. So, it’s best to focus on storing foods like flour, canned food, dried fruit, emergency food bars, spices, etc.

Once you have all these items stored, you should now consider getting freeze-dried foods. This is best purchased from a reputable vendor… and one of the best in the business is Mountain House.
They’ve been around for the past half a century and their adventure meals have been used by thousands of people such as campers, survival experts and even the military. Their freeze-dried meals are nutritious and top of the line in taste and value.

The Mountain House Pouch Kits on Amazon are ideal for preppers who are trying to stay ready in case disaster strikes. The freeze-dried meals are stored in little plastic buckets.
Each bucket has 29 servings, and Mountain House guarantees that their freeze-dried food will taste good for 30 years! That’s amazing. When you’re in a stressful situation such as the aftermath of a disaster, having something tasty to eat will really lift your sagging spirits.

If you’re lethargic and don’t wish to cook for the day, these freeze-dried meals are fantastic. All you need to do is add water into the pouch and wait for 10 minutes. The food will be ready to eat.
If you have a bug-out bag, you’ll really want to add several of these Mountain House Pouch kits inside. You should have enough to tide you for 72-hours. Keeping 1 bucket in your bug-out bag will give you enough food for 3 days.

With these pouches, you will not need dishes either. Just a spoon will do. This product has a high rating with over a thousand reviews that are mostly positive. Most of the satisfied customers mentioned that they liked the taste of the meals and that it was filling.
However, when you’re going about preparing for a crisis, it’s best to order one bucket and see for yourself if you like the taste of these meals. It’s imperative that you only store foods you like. If you don’t, your survival situation is going to be miserable.

Ask your family members to try out the rations too. Be adventurous and try flavoring the food with spices, sauces, etc. When you’re at home, you do not need to cook these meals in pouches. You can use a bowl or plate and season the food with some pepper or tabasco sauce.

The rules are not set in stone. What you have is an option to store food rations that are lightweight, convenient, have a very long shelf life and are tasty. You just need to decide if they are right for you, and if they are, do get enough to last you for a month or two.
Having enough food is crucial to making it through a crisis without panicking or depending on food aid from outside. These Mountain House Pouch Kits are based on USDA recommended diet of 2,000 calories/day. So, you’ll be getting all your daily calories. Definitely a good idea to buy and store these freeze-dried meals.