Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar Review

During a crisis, food shortages are one of the most common problems. If you’ve been a responsible prepper, you’d have stored enough food supplies such as grains, flour, canned foods, etc.
One of the best types of foods to store for emergencies are food bars. Unlike vegetables and meat, these items can last a long time. While canned foods such as sardine and tuna are great too; sometimes if you just want a quick meal without the hassle of opening a can or cooking, a food bar will be an excellent substitute mean.

The Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar is extremely popular with hundreds of reviews and a high rating on Amazon. With the plethora of similar food bars available online, it’s impressive that Datrex has performed so well as compared to competing brands.
Each bar contains around 200 calories. There are 18 bars in a pack. So, you’re looking at 3600 calories per pack. The bars are individually packaged for easy rationing and each bar is relatively lightweight.

One advantage of the Datrex Food Bar is that it tastes good. Most of the reviews from satisfied customers mentioned how the bar wasn’t overly sweet and had a pleasant taste with a hint of coconut.
The bar itself is made with all-natural ingredients and doesn’t make you thirsty. The low sugar content will make it suitable for diabetes patients too. This is a USCG approved product.

Some people may find the bar a little crumbly and dry. What you could is break it up into a bowl, pour some hot water to make it into a cereal-like paste and eat it. It’ll be more filling and you’ll be satiated.

Ideally, you should buy this item and give it a try first before buying it in bulk. It’s important that you like the taste of the food supplies you store. Ask your family members to taste it and if they like it, you can buy the Datrex bars in bulk to save on shipping costs.
Do note that it’s better to store freeze-dried foods in your bug-out bag. These bars take up space and are heavier than freeze dried food. Since you’ll be carrying your bug-out bag, you do not want it to be cumbersome.

Of course, you can add 3 or 4 Datrex bars in a side compartment of the bag. But generally, this is one of those food items that’s best stored at home. During a crisis, you can add a bar or two in your pocket or handbag so that you have some fuel while on the go. It is highly convenient.

Datrex bars are not snacks. While you can eat them during emergencies, do not buy them to eat daily if you have access to normal foods. These are not protein bars. Even protein bars are high in sugar and other additives and not recommended for daily consumption.

Stick to normal food during peace time. Do remember to record down the date of expiration when you purchase the food bars. It will make it easier to remember when the bars expire instead of going down into your basement to check on the stores.

If your bars expire in a month or two, you can use them for a camping trip or you may consume one or two bars a week so that you slowly finish up your stores and they don’t go to waste.