Top 5 Reasons A Survivalist Should Live Off The Grid

I understand  that for most people living off the grid seems like a radical idea and is most certainly a huge step to take. Think about it, moving to a rural, possibly even remote, location and living off the land. I’m sure the average city dweller would see this as a nightmare rather than a dream.

I can think of several good reasons why a serious prepper would want to try off the grid living. Assuming you have the funds and skills to get started and you’re ready for an adventure with a steep learning curve, here are the top five reasons to give it a try.


This goes without saying. You’ll need to learn how to grow your own food, how to live without electricity, how to slaughter the animals you raise and much more. The good news is that in a couple of months you’ll get the hang of it and become an expert.

Most urban preppers have only a limited understanding of homesteading where as after a few months you will be a pro.

Less Risky

Living in an isolated area means that you are less likely to be affected by disaster events such as contagions, terrorist attacks and even war. Pandemics will spread much faster in urban and suburban areas where human traffic can much more readily create a health disaster. Living in an isolated area greatly reduces your risk.

Terrorists attacks are planned to affect the greatest number of casualties so it’s extremely unlikely someone is going to bomb your barn, assuming they could even find you.


No electric bills. If you have electricity, it’s probably provided by a generator, solar panels, wind mill or even possibly a turbine. Your grocery bill will be minimal since you’re growing and raising most of your own food.

Because you’re growing your own food and raising livestock, you might want to market excesses thereby creating income.

Add to this the fact that living in the countryside is cheaper.

Physically Healthier

Living of the grid will make you healthier. Fresh air and unprocessed food alone will do that, not to mention the increased activity of building and maintaining the homestead. No more technology or modern conveniences to assist you. You’ll have to do more, move more and expend more energy, making you more fit.

Gardening, feeding the animals, carpentry, fetching water and chopping wood, just to mention some of the chores that will ensure you stay fit.

More Space

Even though you’re off the grid, you’ll still need to store emergency supplies.

Good news is that you’ll have a lot more space than if you lived in the suburbs or an apartment.

If you’ve dug a well, you’re not worried about storing water.

You don’t have the same constraints an urban dweller has when it comes to storing supplies.

Bottom line is, if you’d enjoy living a calmer, quieter life then these five benefits may attract you to living off the grid. If you have the skills needed, this is a good way to go and it’s great for surviving many situations