Overcoming Obstacles to Off The Grid Living

Let’s face facts. We are creatures of habit. If you’ve spent your life living in the city or suburbs then off the grid living is going to present you with many unforeseen issues. Even experienced urban survivalist can be addicted to technology and everyday living conveniences. It is an addiction that must be broken if you are to go off grid.

The secret to making the transition is to do it gradually, step by step, preferably baby steps.

The most difficult step is the one down from the social ladder. We seem to be spending our lives on the internet or on our phones, talking or texting or watching TV. We are social creatures and that bond will be the hardest to break.

Start by spending less time watching TV and being on the internet. Spend more time talking with your family and less on the phone. Read more. Less time socializing, go to the range and hone your shooting skills. This is important because you’ll need it.

You will need skill sets that maybe you don’t possess and if not you’ll have to learn.

Are you familiar with gardening. Get a book and materials you need and start growing some potted herbs and vegetables.

Can you cook? You’d better start practicing if not, because nobody is going to do it for you. You must eat, so it might as well be something tasty you’ll enjoy eating.

Do you know how to treat water to make it potable? This is another necessary skill. How about hunting, are you proficient? All these skills are important to learn because you’ll need them to survive.

Experienced preppers who have camped in the wilderness for a month or more at a time know what it takes. If you’re going off-grid I would suggest going on camping trips in the wild for a week or two at a time as this will give you some small idea of what you’re in for. Actually, off the grid living is a piece of cake compared to a month in the wilderness in a tent or some flimsy leanto.

If the flesh is still willing after all this, the next step will be to find a suitable location for your new home. There are several factors to be considered.

You will need an alternative energy source to power your new house. This might be solar panels or a wind mill, possibly a water turbine. I suggest speaking with qualified professional about this. Anyway, I do know you’ll need batteries to store the energy and distribute it.

Are you going to raise livestock or do you plan to hunt your meat source? If you’re able, raising livestock can provide a source of income. So, don’t forget, now¬†you need a barn or sty, corrals, a corn crib and grain silo and a smoke house.

When all is said and done you are going to have to notify other people of your intentions. You don’t want to cause a panic by your disappearance.

Plan everything in advance. Consider all contingencies and remember that although you’ll be safer from terrorists and health disasters, there are still natural disasters and their consequences you must plan for and protect yourself against.