Living Off The Grid Has Disadvantages

I realize that living off the grid may sound attractive for ecological reasons and to those who want to save the earth but the disadvantages of off the grid living would probably drive you back to the city or suburbs if you were to try it.

On the other hand, as a survivalist, your reasons for living off the grid are very different. Ecologist may be concerned with their carbon footprint but your concerns are more about the safety of your family, avoiding other people or at least minimizing contact with others.

Here we have two entirely different mindsets and because the survivalist doesn’t need to go to the extremes of the ecologist, you may not experience some of the disadvantages of the person who is going green.

Let’s examine some disadvantages.


 The number one biggest disadvantage is isolation. Living in a remote location, far from society is lonely. A nearby town may provide a chance for some socialization but that’s about it.

No theaters, amusement parks or malls. If there is family with you, that’s who you’ll be spending time with. If not, you’ll be alone most of the time.

I’m sure there are preppers wishing to get away from it all that will embrace this lifestyle. Most people will get bored and miss the company of others.

High Initial Costs

Whether it’s time or money or both, the initial cost will be high. First, a house to live in. Unless it’s a log cabin, built with trees from your land, it will cost time and money. Almost certainly you won’t be able to work a job and build your home.

So, unless it’s a spartan lifestyle you’ll be living, you’re going to need an alternative energy system to power your house. More upfront expense.

Outbuildings, livestock and a well for water. Time and money.


I suppose you could have a satellite dish for TV and internet but the fact is you’re probably out of range of cell towers to use your phone. You’ll be living the life of a farmer and I can tell you from experience (I grew up on a farm) that the life of a farmer doesn’t include much TV watching. You’re usually to tried to do anything but sleep.

Distance from Hospitals or Emergency Services

Becoming seriously ill or getting injured can be a big problem, especially if you’re alone and don’t have a way of contacting someone.

It’s A hard Life

Off the grid living is a hard life. Any advantages this lifestyle has are personal to each individual and the disadvantages tend to tip the scales.

If this is a way of life you’ve thought of adopting, I would suggest you first go on a couple of long camping trips to remote locations and after that experience see how you feel. If off-grid life still has an appeal then you might want to give it a try.

If a couple of remote camping trips dampen your spirit, then forget the off-grid life. It’s probably not your cup of tea