Saving Space in Your Bug Out Bag

The supplies in your bug out bag are the things you’ll need to stay alive when you must bug out. Often people make the mistake of packing two or more items instead of finding multi purpose tools or supplies.

It’s important to save weight in your bag. Cutting down weight means saving your strength by carrying a lighter bag. For instance, instead of carrying a heavy tent for shelter, pack a tarp. A tarp can be used as a water collector, hammock or windbreaker besides being used to replace a tent.

When it comes to eating utensils, a spork serves as spoon and fork.

Don’t waste valuable space in your bug out bag by packing dozens of different items like saws, screwdrivers, wrench, pliers and cutters. a multitool can be found that will replace all these items.

Also, don’t clutter your bag with gadgets. A radio, communication device and flashlight are necessary gadgets but instead of separate  items, find multi use gadgets. 

Instead of something that has only one use, find items that have two or more uses. An example here might be a radio that’s also a flashlight and can be a charger for your smart phone.

Another item with several uses is dental floss. It can be used as fishing line or can be used to manufacture an intruder warning system. Floss can be used to sew clothing or a wound and even used as tinder to start your fire.

Don’t think of salt as just something to flavor your food. It has use as an antibacterial treatment and disinfectant. You can pack small salt packets in your bag instead of bulky containers of antibacterial treatment that only serve one purpose.

Bodywash instead of soap. 

Vaseline is both an antibiotic treatment and a fire starter. Trash bags can be used as rain gear, water proofing or as a water reservoir.

Check out your BOB and see if you can combine some items and maybe save space for something you might otherwise leave behind.

Survival means being well prepared.

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